Here are some works by Olaf Stapledon that remain out of print, presented complete and unabridged. Need I say more- click and enjoy!


Latter-Day Psalms (1914)
Miscellaneous Poems


A Man Divided (1950)
Death into Life (1946)
Nebula Maker
Four Encounters

Short Stories (and others)
A Modern Magician
East is West
Arms Out of Hand (1946)
A World of Sound (1936)
Far Future Calling (Radio Play 1931)
The Seed and the Flower (1916)
The Road to the Aide Post (1916)


The Opening of the Eyes (1954)
Beyond the "Isms" (1942)
Philosophy and Living (1939)
Saints and Revolutionaries (1939)
Waking World (1934)
A Modern Theory of Ethics (1929)

Essays (and others)
Personality and Liberty (1949)
Man's Future (1949)
What Are "Spiritual" Values? (1944)
The Great Certainty (1944)
Seven Pillars of Peace (1944)
Experiences in the Friends' Ambulance Unit (1935)
Letters to the Future (1947)