How/why did you do this?

How? Three of us, some Olaf Stapledon books and a scanner with OCR software. We worked on it on and off for just over 5 years whenever we could spare the time. We own some rare books which and had access to libraries with very good archives. Why? We believe that he is simply too good and too important a writer to be forgotten. If this is the only way to read most of his works, so be it.

Is the archive complete?

This site contains the most extensive collection of Olaf Stapledon's published writings, outside of the Olaf Stapledon Archive in the University of Liverpool, England. However it is by no means complete, as there are some works which we could not get hold of without spending days in the British Library, or buying very expensive first (and only) editions. If we should come upon any of these randomly, we will definitely put them up.

What are you not including?

If it’s in print in English anywhere in the world, we won’t transcribe it. This means Star Maker, Last and First Men, Odd John, Sirius, and the material in An Olaf Stapledon Reader.

What if 'A Man Divided' or whatever comes back into print?

That’s not going to happen. If it did, we’d be overjoyed, and happily take the transcripts offline. But its not going to happen, although please, someone prove us wrong.

Why is the site so primitive?

We would love to have a fantastic site with irritating flashing things everywhere, but, unfortunately, such things take up web space, and we want to have as much space for the text as possible. Plus, we don’t know how to do a fantastic site with irritating flashing things everywhere.

Why do you use British English spelling on some transcripts and American English spelling others?

Some of the sources we used were American, some British. As a small blow against cultural snobbery on both sides, we refuse to have a preference.

I have something by Stapledon that you don’t. Do you want it?

Definitely! Email us, please!

Can I use your transcripts?

You can do what you want with them- cut-and paste them to a Word document, email them to a friend, provided they’re for personal use. However, please don’t stick them on a website, as they took us bloody ages to do, and, whatever you do, do not attempt to sell them. We are putting them online for free, and the only party that has any right to profit from it is the Estate of Olaf Stapledon.

Who are you, anyway?

None of your business!